The Plan

Download Summary. April 2018. Six pages that contain the key elements (vision, policies and projects).

Download Referendum Version (issue 12). March 2018. Includes appendices A to D, F and G.

Download Appendix E: Maps.

Download Appendix H: Supporting Photographs.

Submission - Statutory Statements

Download Consultation Statement for East Markham Neighbourhood Plan. April 2017.

Download Basic Conditions Statement for East Markham Neighbourhood Plan. February 2017.

Download Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) Screening Statement. July 2016.

Download Sustainability Appraisal for East Markham Neighbourhood Plan.

Reference Material

Download East Markham Conservation Area Appraisal. December 2014.

Download Rural Community Profile for East Markham. November 2013.

Download East Markham Housing Needs Survey. June 2012.

Download East Markham Village Design Statement. 1999.


Download Plan Version 9. April 2017. The version submitted to the independent examiner.

Public Consultation

Download Plan Summary and Questionnaire. June 2016.

Download Plan Consultation Flyer. June 2016.

Download Plan Version 5. June 2016. The version released for public consultation.

Download Drainage Survey. March 2016.

Download Update 2 and Meeting Invitation. May 2015.

Download School Consultation. November 2014.

Download Update 1 and Resident Survey. January 2014.